Adventure Domes



Adventure Domes is your starting point to enjoying nature, adventure and jaw-dropping landscapes. It does’nt matter which program you choose, the camp will provide all the comfort that is required to enjoy this glampling experience. All the facilities are conveniently distribute to be close enough,but also to give you privacy. The dining dome is close to the communal fireplace and the camping table. Bathrooms are in the opposite side of the camp, in the same direction of all the domes. click here


We have eight units: seven classic domes and one triple dome. All of them provides enough space to fit guests comfortably , with single beds, spring mattresses, and plenty of thick blankets to keep warm on those chilly Patagonian nights.

There are no big differences between both types of domes, essentially the size to fit two or three guests – 15 or 18 ft in wide- The use of energy is kept to an absolute minimum, therefore, the domes have neither electricity, a fireplace nor en suite bathrooms, and in this way we ensure that our natural surroundings are respected and preserved.


No camping experience is quite complete without an open-air fire pit. At the glamping our campfire is not only used to prepare food for the meals; it’s also a place where guests can keep warm and share a bottle of wine, while stargazing beneath an endless Patagonian night sky.

Dining Dome

At the heart of the glamping is the Dining Dome, an intimate space dotted with three candlelit tables and a warming fireplace. There’s also an inviting lounge which is the perfect place to wind down and cosy up by the fire, glass of wine in hand, and chat about the day’s adventures.


At the glamping you’ll find two communal bathrooms: one for women and one for men. Each is equipped with showers and toilets, with all water being heated by a wood-burning facility every morning and afternoon. The building is conveniently located to be close from the domes.

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